This second part to Asset-Framing focuses on “mattering and persuasion.” You can use what you learn to persuade anyone on anything whether in media, an office memo, a proposal or in conflict resolution.


  • Refresh on Asset-Framing
  • Understanding the Persuasion Formula
  • How to frame your position statement using Asset-Framing and persuasion formula

Special Instructions

See below instructions for your breakout session and homework:

  • Share what you want to write about
  • Read aloud your point, evidence, concession, call-to-action
  • If group is larger than 6 then just read your point, evidence and concession
  • Classmates offer feedback on
    • Is this a build story or fix story (both are fine)
    • Is their point strong or could it be stronger
    • Did they really capture the opposing view in concession
  • Use this feedback to begin writing the article
  • Tonight create a rough draft in a Google Doc. Share the link to your Google Doc to

Take a moment to read articles from and about your BMe brothers and sisters on the BPN.

About Trabian Shorters

Trabian Shorters is a New York Times Bestselling author, social entrepreneur, and the leading authority on an award-winning approach to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Impact called “Asset-Framing.”

His pioneering work in Asset-Framing earned Shorters recognition as one of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, as well as prestigious Ford Foundation, Ashoka and Aspen Institute fellowships. Senior leadership teams of iconic social impact organizations including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, New Schools Venture Fund and The Heinz Endowments request Asset-Framing for their boards, staffs and grantees.

“Shorters’ organization, BMe Community, proves the power of Asset-Framing by training and organizing over 300 influential black leaders to be Vanguards of the Next Narrative on race communities and America’s future. Starting with Asset-Framing, these BMe Vanguard Fellows are taught 21st century leadership skills including cultural competency, social financial literacy, public persuasion and mutuality by global authorities in their fields. BMe Fellows serve millions of families per year and are defined by their lifelong commitment to building a more caring and prosperous society for us all.”

Shorters is a retired tech entrepreneur, former vice president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and doting father to two brilliant, black twin girls who will live in the better world that we are making together for them.