Celebrating Pittsburgh: Rebuilding from the ground up

As our communities change, many urban areas in the city and county are seeing more vacant lots. But a local nonprofit is giving the neighborhood the tools to make a positive change. From areas overgrown with weeds to trash and grass-covered lots, you can find spaces like these across Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. The latter has 60,000 vacant lots, with 30,000 in the city. Thousand more lots sit with rundown empty homes or condemned houses.

“Just an eyesore, a total eyesore,” said Terri Minor Spencer of Sheraden, while looking at a condemned home on Fairdale Street. “It has a big difference, or what it looks like when you step outside your door.”

Minor Spencer doesn’t live on Fairdale Street but said that one day she had had enough. After years of blight and tired of seeing the community in depression, she brought a vacant lot for just $1 last year.

“My very first thought was, ‘How can I give this back to the community? What can I do?’,” said Minor Spencer.

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