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Langeloth Foundation Grants $10 million to Support Urgent Initiatives
to Get Out the Vote, Focusing on Communities of Color
NEW YORK – The Jacob and Valeria Langeloth Foundation announced today that it will be
deploying an unprecedented $10 million to support civic participation in response to the significant
election challenges facing the United States in the midst of ongoing civil uprisings and the
COVID-19 pandemic. The Langeloth Foundation is committed to ensuring that all eligible voters can
voice their opinions through a democratic process that protects their health while still exercising
their constitutional right to vote in an accessible manner. Given that people of color, particularly
Black, Latinx and Indigenous communities, are disproportionately targeted by voter suppression
and oppressive policing tactics, the majority of this funding goes towards initiatives that explicitly
address these inequities. This commitment to civic engagement supports the foundation’s core
objectives of Justice Reform and Safe & Healthy Communities and widens the foundation’s public
health lens.
This new $10 million investment is a significant portion of the Langeloth Foundation’s $88 million
endowment. The Foundation is calling on other funders to join them to help narrow the significant
funding gap that exists in the civic participation and engagement space ahead of 2020. As the level
of public anger and distrust increases in response to police killings and state inaction, a firm
commitment by the philanthropic community to the rights of Black voters and voters of color is
essential to maintaining public trust in our democracy.

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