New York City’s education system is racist and unresponsive to Black/Brown students

Let’s call it what it is. New York City’s education system is racist and until there is an unapologetic dismantling of its system which breeds racial inequity and disparities to maintain the status quo, New York City public schools will remain an unresponsive system for Black and Brown students. 

New York City public schools are a far cry from the progressive, cosmopolitan bastions of diversity and integration that one would think. Don’t believe me? Have a conversation with some of the alleged progressive white alumni from (insert the name of specialized NYC high school), so insidiously committed to preserving the admissions protocol of their alma matters, or essentially any columnist at the New York Post. 

A lot of white folk in this city have made their fortunes off the inequity of this system, and they want their children to do the same. A lot of folk have also made names for themselves as “progressive” allies, gaining clout, promotions, and salary raises at the expense of Black and Brown children who continue to be pushed to the margins by antiquated and inaccessible school admissions driven by inequitable screening, disproportionate suspension rates, and curriculum that does not include their culture. For years, so-called liberal, white elite New Yorkers have strategically placed themselves as gatekeepers of education policy, further pushing a carefully-scripted agenda that was not designed to promote the posterity of Black and Brown people in the city. 

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