The NarrowRoad™ Guide to Legacy Wealth

If wealth were a model, would you pick yours? “We, as African Americans, are the only people in America who were first capital before we made capital. And so, when we look at business, it can’t help but be personal. We came over here on the balance sheet, which means we are wealth. We’ve been creators of wealth from the moment we got here. So the goal for us is to become creators of wealth for ourselves.” In this workshop, learn how to take ownership of the model of wealth you have inherited to build wealth your way.


  1. Explore the African American business lessons hidden within the last 400 years of American History.
  2. Learn ways to define and pursue wealth your way.
  3. Explore ways collectively we can pursue wealth as a legacy together.

By the end of this session, you will know:

  • Legacy is a narrative that did not begin with you and will not end with you.
  • Wealth is a journey of a series of financial decisions that create, build, grow, and expand opportunities.
  • Anyone and everyone with a financial statement is in business its time you take possession of your own.

About Dr. Pamela Jolly

Dr. Pamela Jolly is the CEO of Torch Enterprises Inc., for 16 years she has advised organizations to develop meaningful strategies through the use of policy, research, and the practical application of business and financial acumen. Pamela is a business strategist and a data-driven thinker with over 25 years of proven leadership and strategic management expertise; her primary focus is the design of legacy wealth strategies in communities of color.
She serves on the boards of the Good Work Network in New Orleans, Louisiana, BMe and and The University of Pennsylvania Board of Alumnae. Dr. Jolly is the President of the Wharton African American Alumni Association.
Pamela is a graduate of Hampton University (B.S.), the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business (MBA), Boston University School of Theology (MTs), and The Graduate Theological Foundation (Ed.D). Pamela holds certificates in theology from Oxford University, Christ Church, in conflict resolution from the Boston Theological Institute, and in private equity and venture capital from the Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business.
Dr. Jolly launched the Legacy Wealth Initiative to further the impact of The Narrow Road, a proprietary method created based a national study of behaviors and beliefs related to wealth-creation, faith, and entrepreneurship. The Initiative educates and guides black men, women, business owners, pastors, and young professionals on ways to create wealth via increased financial and business acumen and pooled capital strategies that produce increased ownership and equity specifically for and with communities of color.